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Peter Dekker, consultant in historic Eastern weapons


Peter Dekker

Peter Dekker first came into contact with the Asian way of life (business), culture and rich history during his student years. He publishes Fe Doro which is concerned with one of his special interests; Manchu archery. Along with practising this martial art, he is also an avid researcher of the subject.

In 2006 he broadened the scope of his interest in antique Asian weapons with the creation of Mandarin Mansion. This increased his range of historical research to include other Asian weapons. He has produced a long list of articles in his field and advises auction houses and museums on their collections. Peter’s work has expanded into taxations, restorations and the import and export of antique weapons.

Peter has become quite adept in locating the most varied assortment of antique weapons on the Western and Asian markets. He is recognised as a valuable expert of antique weapons and their histories. He is a well sought after speaker, gives regular demonstrations and manages diverse on-line groups, forums and communities.

Peter plays an important roll in the current project of Tai Chi Nederland. The militia sword which is reproduced comes from his collection. During the workshop he will give a very detailed account of this sword and place it within its historical context.

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