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Sebastian Drost, smith in artisan en historic techniques


Sebastian Drost

Sebastian Drost is a true artisan smith and has worked since 2005, from his workshop (smithery) Smederij Goyland, on many historical projects. His interest in reproduction work stems from his work as a smith for the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen.

After exploring different career opportunities, he decided to return to his passion for forging. He moved to England and continued is education as an artisan smith. Once back in The Netherlands, he made his specialisation historical reproductions, which he produces at his own workshop. His forging in the field varies from very small items such as arrowheads to complete canons. His works are to be found in private collections and museums around the world.

When Sebastian makes a reproduction he takes great care to use the same techniques which were used to produce the originals. This is what qualifies his works as Historical Reproductions. His knowledge, skills and work methods make him the person to produce these historical sword reproductions.

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