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Unique hand made replica Tuan Jian swords

At the moment, under the name Tuan Lian Jian, the first swords from a series are being produced. The series is composed of both practice swords (blunt), called Yong Jian and sharp swords which are referred to as Yong Ying Jian.

They are all straight swords and were meticulously produced based on the specifications of a 19th century sword of the militias at that time, named the ‘Yong Ying’ (with thanks to Peter Dekker). These short steel Jian’s were probably already often in use by the militia system since the Zhou dynastie. More background you can find on the page Swords.

Each sword is absolutely unique. They are made by hand, in The Netherlands, by smith Sebastian Drost and are of an outstanding quality. Because they are all handcrafted and one of a kind, the opportunity exists to handle the swords from the series, and to choose a sword by feel.

Sebastian Drost, the smith at work

Sebastian Drost, the smith with the result

Once you have chosen a sword which feels totally to your liking, the sword will be given a name which personifies a particular characteristic of the owner-carrier. The name of your sword will then be engraved on the blade. Thereafter, the sword will be tempered and as a completed sword be delivered to you.

After purchase, the sword is in the hands of different specialists. Therefore, keep in mind that several weeks will pass, before the sword is actually ready for delivery.


Length sword: 84 cm
Length blade: 66 cm
Thickness blade from the hilt (grip): 7,5 mm
Thickness blade halfway: 6 mm
Width blade from the hilt: 37 mm
Width blade half way: 33,5 mm
Point of balance: 16 to 16,5 cm above the grip side of the guard


Weight sword: 950 to 1000 gram


Steel blade: top quality 55Si7


Sharp straight sword (Yong Ying Jian) € 995,-
Blunt straight sword (Yong Jian) € 670,-
The swords come standard in a scabbard.

Prices include engraving and tempering of the sword blade and excludes import and delivery costs. Each sword is entirely hand made and unique. The engraving of its own name on the sword emphasises this and is expressed in a accompanying certificate.

The swords are available for purchase! An order form will soon be activated in the webshop. For the time being you can contact us via e-mail to place an order and/or to make an appointment to see, to feel and to experience the swords. This will give you the possibility to choose a, for you, ideal sword.

More background information can be found on the page Swords. Tai chi Nederland also gives workshops with more information about the swords, its history, the use within Tai Chi and its application and fighting techniques. The swords available for purchase are always present here.

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