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Unique Handmade Qiang Spear Replicas


After having been tried and tested during assorted Tai Chi Nederland workshops, the Qiang Spear replicas are now available for purchase…


Watch the video to see the replicas and the original in detail.

With a length of 3.6 meter and a spearhead weight of 1 kilogram, controlling the Qiang is a massive challenge. It is a tue weapon of war and, as such, a worthy object to be included in the TCN replica collection. The theatrical flower-spear which is in general use for martial arts today is of no comparison to the Qiang. Practicing with the Qiang, as it was used by the militias of earlier centuries, offers the ultimate opportunity for learning to move through relaxation.

Old and new spears


Spear Length: 360cm
Spearhead Length: 49cm
Handle Width: 50mm


Spear Weight: 2750gr


Spearhead: top quality 55Si7 spring steel with bronze socket-ball
Handle: wood
Each spearhead is hand forged.


€ 375,-
Prices are excluding import and delivery costs

The first spears are already available! In the web-shop order forms will soon be activated. Until then, please contact us by e-mail to place orders. It is also possible to make an appointment to see the spears, to feel them and to experience them. This gives the opportunity to choose your own spear.

A project of Tai Chi Nederland in collaboration with Mandarin Mansion and Forge Goyland.
De lezingen en demonstraties tijdens deze workshop komen van Peter Dekker, Hans Lauxen en Sebastian Drost

  Peter Dekker   Hans Lauxen   Sebastian Drost  

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