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Workshop Qiang Spear


Old and new spears

With a length of 3.6 meter and a spearhead of 1 kilogram, controlling the Qiang is a massive challenge. It is a true weapon of war and, as such, a worthy object to be included in the TCN replica collection. The theatrical flower-spear which is in general use for martial arts is of no comparison to the Qiang. You will learn the short training session of the militias used in earlier centuries.

According to the folk songs of the Qin State in the “Book of Songs”, the spear has three edges and a golden handle. “Shi Ming” was the first monograph systematically describing the etymology of ancient Chinese investments; written by LiuXi in the Eastern Han dynasty. Within this, the original meaning of “矛” (spear) is “冒”, which means: “the head of a spear and that there is a long handle under the head of the spear.”

Zhu Geliang, the Department of Weaponry, included the spear in its collection. It is folded and forged ten times. The whole length is 11 feet; the length of the blade is 7 inches. The upper part is sharp, the middle part is plump, and the lower part is like the shape of a pillow. The end of the spearhead is 3 inches in length and made out of hammered sheet iron which used to be painted in scarlet lacquer. The length of the handle is 10 feet with a perimeter of 3.7 inches and is made out of wood.